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The course can be started from the age of three months onwards. Wounds should be cleaned as soon as they occur and steps should be taken to encourage drainage of deeper injuries. If your horse is found following loss or theft, you will have an indisputable way of proving that you are the rightful owner. It is extremely contagious and is spread both directly from an infected horse to an uninfected; and indirectly, via shared equipment such as water troughs and feed buckets. Finally, what does more than a decade of experience with vaccine titer testing reveal? New horses need to be quarantined when they first arrive on a yard not only to ensure they are not infected with equine herpes but any other conditions too.

This fact should be made clear to the purchaser and be written on the certificate. It is highly contagious and can affect multiple horses on a yard. The most convenient way for us to collect this vital information is via questionnaires at regular intervals. Reasons behind the increase in neurological EHV earlier this year have not been determined and, with last recorded UK case of neurological EHV in August, it is perhaps too early to conclude that the scare is over. The nature of these vary with the individual diseases, and depend on such factors as the natural history of the disease, its means of spread, the immune response and status of the horse. It is highly recommended that a saddle is fitted to the shape of the horse or pony by a master saddler to ensure comfort, safety and effectiveness.

This outbreak was associated with use of an outdated whole inactivated EIV vaccine [25]. It is easy to overlook the importance of influenza as a disease as outbreaks are relatively rare. While each individual yard ought to have its own worm control programme based on management practices, we recommend the following as a guideline. In experiments, flu vaccines tend do pretty well at preventing disease caused when horses are challenged with a particular strain of virus. Funded by a state appropriation, the $28.5 million expansion will double the size of the existing facility, which underscores the importance of protecting the health of Kentucky’s animals—a charge the center has had since its creation. The mare will also be receptive to the stallion, allowing him to nuzzle her, while she squats and urinates and winks her clitoris.

ETA Im with Shay, theres no excuse for not vaccing against tetanus, thats cruel IMO, given how easily horses pick up a thorn puncture, they could suffer an agonising death. During this stage the mare will actively push the foal out and is commonly done lying down, but can also be completed standing up. Following the introduction of compulsory passports for all horses in 2005, new European Union (EU) regulations, which came into effect on 1st July 2009, mean that all foals born must now be micro-chipped by a qualified veterinary surgeon before turning 6 months of age or by 31st December in the year it was born. The first scan should take place between 15-17 days. Alnorthumbria Equine vets have been selected to take part in a trial—your horse or pony will be measured using the standard approach, and have an additional measurement taken using the laser. If they are infected, the healing process tends to be slower too.

However with advances in science and technique frozen A.I. That’s perhaps one reason why there hasn’t been a strong reason (read: MONEY) to spend a lot of time on developing and testing vaccines. Inspect hooves daily, including the underside of the foot. All horses who leave their yard, or mix with others who do, should receive flu vaccination. Susannah worked in mixed practice in the New Forest before joining the large animal team at Animed in 2003. We have the facilities, equipment and experienced staff to extensively evaluate, diagnose and treat the more elusive lameness, including a powerful High Frequency X-ray generator and a state of the art Digital X-ray machine.

About 2.8% of horses in the U.K. Hannah, V.E., Smith, J.V., Riggio, M., Bagg, J., and Allan, D.B. The location of the stallion: A mare may go to a stud close to home and the semen can be brought in from elsewhere in the UK or abroad.