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Wherever you buy, learn first how to pick out healthy animals and resist impulse buys of species about which you have not done sufficient research. Gravel that can be swallowed can cause digestive issues for your painted turtle, so choose a substrate that is too large to be taken into the mouth, or so small that it will pass through your turtle’s digestive system easily. She loves working at the Clinic as every day is different and you get to see such a wide variety of animals —from the Hamerkop with a broken wing, to the adorable puppies and kittens. I get cold sores once in a couple years my dad always told me to use milk of magnesia what you do is you grab a clean q tip and put it on the cold sore and leave it alone it drys it out. Males will croak in order to “call” to a female, and the loose skin on their throats will fill out with air. The ball python may also look like it’s covered in little white, black, or red dots, which upon closer inspection, can be seen moving and crawling.

Klaphake noted. This “white stuff” on your uro’s nose can simply be wiped away and will fall off on its own. Most indoor tanks will require supplemental heating to remain within the acceptable range of around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. All propagating license holders must retain a certificate of origin, a bill of sale, receipted invoice, or other Division of Wildlife approved evidence of lawful acquisition for each individual reptile or amphibian captively produced or legally obtained from out of state. Take care that no heating element is placed directly in the enclosure, like light bulbs that don’t have protective wiring. Colombian boa constrictors are some of the most docile, while imported Mexican and Central American boas tend to be a bit more aggressive.

It is crucial that you set up an adequate egg laying box in the dragon’s enclosure, and that you do so early enough to prevent egg binding. Burmese pythons are usually gentle giants, which is one of the reasons why they’re so popular. As for the perching branch, anything that’s larger in diameter than your pet’s grasp should do, but don’t let it be a slippery type of branch. Remedying a mite infestation starts with an entire cage cleaning combined with an ivermectin-based spray. Also, UVB lights lose their UVB strength over time, even though the bulb continues to emit light. Kevin Wright passes away at 50 – East Texas Herp Society helps longtime member in fight …

As with any reptile, feces should be removed as soon as they are discovered. (other worm medications, such as ivermectin, can kill a tortoise!) You are told not to provide water in the enclosure (this is based on outdated, false information) You are told to use sand for substrate The vet claims to be able to tell you how old your tortoise is based on the ‘rings’ in his shell (tortoises are not trees. I recently started her up with the repti-cal+VD3 and multivitamin powder, but still no UV light. I dust all his worms with high quality multi and calcium/D3. Try to manipulate him very little over the next few weeks. The river stones are larger and smooth and don’t run the risk of being ingested.

We can anaesthetize Biggles with a little isofluorane gas and “shell” the Lipoma out through a very small incision, providing a massively improved quality of life for the little guy. Take the colorful fruits and vegetables they should be eating (kale, collards, sweet potato, squash, etc) and feed those to the bugs before feeding the bugs to your dragon. Everything I remember reading says that the enclosure should be at least twice as wide as the dragon is. I have to get hay today, move in a new boarder, clean tanks, stalls, food shop.. The temp in the lower side ranges from 75-80. She also said to temporarily remove the bark I have in her cage so that little pieces don’t get stuck in her foot.

Has anyone here ever successfully cured an RI without the use of antibiotics? The turtle is very lethargic and probably in shock.