Unhappy cat with herpes virus-any ideas?

His eyes get this cloudy look to them and he has trouble seeing, and sometimes he even gets these dark marks in his iris. I’ve never really used it myself but some people I know use it just as an immune booster for even their healthy cats on a weekly basis. I was quite surprised. Herpes is recognized by an outbreak of blisters. Once a cat has been diagnosed with feline herpes, it may be prescribed medicine to help deal with associated problems such as conjunctivitis. It’s not expensive to give your cat what he/she needs!

Always make sure that you wash your hand thoroughly if you come in contact with this virus. L-Lysine it’s a pill with a powder inside that you can buy at the drugstore for human herpes. Thanks for the posts. Cats with chlamydophila are often also tested for other infectious diseases like feline leukemia, FIV, calicivirus, herpesvirus, mycoplasma felis, bartonella henselae, and Bordetella Bronchiseptica. Sometimes, an ophthalmologist may perform debridement, wherein the infected epithelial cells of the cornea are scraped away with the help of a spatula. Sneezing and eye discharge in cats are the most common characteristics of ‘Feline Upper Respiratory Disease Complex’.

There will be swelling and redness of the conjunctiva, squinting, tearing and discharge from the eye which starts out clear but evolves to thick, yellow-green colored mucus. Another option (sounds awful, but’s nothing worse than she’s doing to herself) is to wet her hair down, then remove – maybe she’ll focus on drying herself instead. It usually doesn’t last more than a day or so. If an ulcer is deep or the cornea is even ruptured, surgery is required to save the eye. If your kitty cat shows flu like symptoms, running nose, cough, tearing eyes, ulcerated eyes, constipation, very small size, even a closed eye that might be herpes. The overall condition was diagnosed as iris melanosis.

The following question from a reader illustrates the symptoms that cats with chronic feline herpes virus infection can experience and my answer details the prognosis and treatment. FHV-1 is a very common virus in cats, and most of the cats on this planet have it, and are exposed to it when they are small kittens. Herpes often develops into a secondary bacterial infection, which the antibiotics will help with (antibiotics will not help with the herpes virus, viruses are not cured by antibiotics) This is just a guess of course. Topical eye medications are sometimes employed to treat uncomfortable, swollen, or red eyes. Plus I imagine the tears will cause skin irritation and other problems eventually. Diagnosis of feline herpesvirus can be made in three ways: an immunoflourescent antibody test, culture of the virus, or a polymerase chain reaction (PCR).

The kitten got much better quickly, and, by the time of the Vet appointment is was nearly healed. Lol. Feline herpesvirus (FHV-1) is the virus that causes rhinotracheitis in cats. Mild uncomplicated eruptions of herpes simplex require no treatment. Among mine, it’s mostly Claire that gets eye crusties. Genital herpes is a disease caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV) , of which there are two types.

Why is that so hard to understand??? Thanks and Good Luck! can a cat’s third eyelid just naturally show a bit? The source of infection is usually a family member or friend who is silently shedding virus in the saliva or nasal secretions, or who has an active cold sore. He also snorts quite a bit which alarmed me because I am worried that he may have a chronic respiratory illness from having been exposed as a kitten outdoors for who knows how long in an especially cold Canadian December. The powder is easier for many as it can be sprinkled onto food and given that way hopefully without your cat being any the wiser about medicine time.

Gave and received. Learn signs and treatment from VCA. Most commonly, cold sores appear on the lips, chin, cheeks, inside the nostrils, and less frequently on the gums or the palate (roof of the mouth). White lip bumps can have various causes, from aging to oral cancer. This medicine is available only by prescription and is taken orally in tablet form.