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I am very excited to try this. If herpes home treatment Personal hygiene is often effectiveness. I only found out a few days later, when my husband was diagnosed with strep throat. That night in the hotel, I noticed that I could breathe through my nose – though there was still pressure. More than 3 000 milligrams a day until the lesion goes away; take 500 to 1500 mg a day if you choose to read all over again but in the physical and mental exertion. For years, no other advertised nail fungus remedy even touched it.

but to others that has ill health issues, it is truly a miracle to what it does.. He didn’t give any more as I had instructed. Since ClO2 kills by having a concentration in contact for a specific amount of time, I had the worker take a deep breath, tip the cup so the solution was in contact with the cold sore and hold it there until another breath was needed. Hi Jim, just wanted to add how effective the mms has been in helping my families health relating to colds and flu. Regardless what your immune system. I didn’t even take the MMS for a long time, maybe six months up to 8 drops, until thankfully, my friend persuaded me to throw it away.

Bummer. Commercially it is produced and shipped in Australia as a 31% solution in water. (3) add 5 drops of vinegar for each drop of MMS in the glass,  shake or swirl to mix,  wait 3 minutes, add 1/2 to 1 glass of water or juice and then drink. In my estimation, there are more data on human toxicology of DMSO than have ever been obtained for any experimental drug. I decided to take some MMS. I did another dose at night and just one more the next morning.

Our own opinion, after long consideration, is, that Mr Darwin has no atheistical intent. I drank this in one portion and went back to bed to sleep. With the experience a year prior in mind, I promised that if there was no improvement by Monday, away we would go. Do not neglect oral doses during your occasional tub experiences. Now there was to be a new problem, Ronnie had to make a decision. We will double the dose to 4 drops 4x day tomorrow.

the Canine Scabies got passed on to me… I wish to mention that I had sinus surgery two years ago that did not help my recurrent infections. Blessing to All. I had given the MMS to my sons and within a few days they were symptom free. I didn’t have money to get her to the vet. Repeated it three times a day.

water and began misting the little sucker three times a day! I could hear the amazement in her voice. He has told me if anyone needs verification over the phone he is quite happy to talk to them. Note: These statistics are more than likely much higher if you compare different statistics from around the world. Rodriguez is the medical director of the American Biological Medical Center in Tijuana, Mexico, the Northwest Mexico Nuclear Medical Center and the Bradford Research Institute of the U.S.A., Mexico and West Germany. After 6 months there was no skin discolouring, or change in the texture of the skin.

I had also been cleansing my body with different means in the past and am relatively slim person, yet I have already unloaded (literally!) pounds of most putrid smelling stuff, AND without even losing any weight (which is perfectly OK for me, as I do not NEED to be losing any weight…) Whatever is going on, I am absolutely delighted with the process, as I know I am SO MUCH better off with that stuff OUT of me, rather that IN… Earlier biochemists must have known something that modern biochemists have forgotten and the medical profession has never known when they named oxidized galactose ‘mucic acid’. I sent away for an MMS kit and started the protocol Wed. Mix 20 drops MMS and 200 drops of 10% citric acid solution (3 US tablespoons) in a glass. In addition to taking oral doses of MMS it is possible to absorb MMS through the skin directly into underlying muscle.