New Music: YG f/ Meek Mill – ‘Im a Thug’

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Who is telling us that? This juxtaposition especially apparent on tracks like “Whatchu Gone Do” where he starts the song warning fake thugs about posing with guns on social media, but ends it talking about kicking women out of his hotel room after a one-night stand. Am I Pregnant? Keeping it all in the family Project Pat (Juicy J’s brother) is the only guest. 25 MTV Video Music Awards. But he says he would own the rights until he and Juicy J came to a financial agreement and any copyrights could be handed over to the rapper.

Meanwhile, rotund posteriors run, or should we say clap, rampantly throughout a majority of the scenes. That said, it’s no surprise that DJ Infamous has returned with a track called “Double Cup,” featuring Jeezy, Ludacris, Juicy J, The Game, and Yung Berg. Did you like Juicy J’s Stay Trippy better than the The Gifted? Wiz Khalifa will be executive producing the album along with Dr. Louis and elsewhere sued pop singer Katy Perry, Capitol Records and others in federal court here Tuesday, claiming that Perry’s song “Dark Horse” ripped off their 2008 song. In the midst of the current twerking phenomenon, well noted aficionado of all circular caboose movement, Juicy J, will put his “Bandz A Make Her Dance” mantra to work in the name of education.

The project will see its official release February 5, and is only the third major release album from Joe Budden. This song is club friendly to the bone and features one of the hit-maker’s patented trap meets pop beats. But with another solo album, Pure THC: The Hustle Continues, on the way, you can bet that the rapper looks to drop a bigger and better single. Kind of makes you wonder, where was this record when Cabin Fever 2 was being recorded? “She’s a beast, I call her karma/ She eat your heart out like Jeffrey Dahmer/ Be careful, try not to lead her on/ Shorty on steroids because her heart is so strong,” spits the Juiceman. Backed by Metro Boomin and 808 Mafia’s production, Scooter and company drop a track dedicated to reaching peak levels of inebriation.

Big day for Marcus Vick so far. As the title insinuates, this track is tailor made for the gentlemen’s clubs. You know it! and Pimp C, and we’ll bet that his forthcoming LP Stay Trippy will have a bevy of quotables. After the artwork, get a listen to “Lolly” featuring Juicy J and Justin Bieber and checkout Maejor Ali tomorrow as he will be a guest on The Breakfast Club explaining his name change. “I want all the kush.

and watches his throne in a BK tire yard. We all know Los Angeles is well represented on the Hip-Hop front, but SoCal also birthed one of the game’s more promising singer-songwriters, Ty Dolla $ign. Dripping in jewels and ice, the New Jerus native turns up in the club and flosses enough dollar bills to replaces all the leaves on the Waynes family tree. Sometimes swag can’t be learned or practiced and if there is one thing you’ll learn from the Tennessee rapper’s music, it’s going to be nothing less than 100 proof. Now it’s time for a full-fledged rapper to give it a try, with Trina stepping up to the plate today. Sounds good.

Nick Cannon stopped by to wish Christina a happy birthday and even pulled out his bag of old tricks when the DJ asked him to perform his hit single, “Gigolo.” Nick pleased the crowd with a quick performance and then joked that he is a married man and shouldn’t be singing songs like that anymore. The Memphis legend receives production from Mike WiLL Made-It, Crazy Mike, Felli Fel, Sonny Digital, Key Wayne, Jahlil Beats, and more. This isn’t the first time Ke$ha enlisted rappers for her songs as she’s collaborated with Wiz Khalifa and Andre 3000 in the past. Juicy J keeps things simple in his visual to “U Can’t” where the former Oscar winner stunts in front of an automobile most won’t even see in real life (much less own) and has a few extras kick and bounce to his beat.