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How happy he seems 3. Daily Mail. Increase in verbal imitation and appropriate spontaneous use of words, increase the vocabulary of words correctly used (from 2-3 words to 40 words). When pathology does result, the etiological origins are very difficult to detect due to the epigenetic nature of the DNA transformation. We have proposed the concept of learning (Ivanovas et al 2007) which will be discussed later (chap. Further findings suggestive of autoimmune pathogenesis in a subgroup of patients revealed higher levels of antibodies directed against human cerebellar protein extracts [18706993], and high anti-nuclear antibody seropositivity in ASD patients compared to controls.

Compelling evidence indicates that the death rates from the childhood vaccines fell dramatically in developed countries prior to the mass vaccination programs, as documented in Neil Z. Gastroscopy revealed mucosal gastritis in 4 patients, esophagitis in 1 patient and duodenitis in 1 patient, and histological findings showed chronic inflammation of the stomach and duodenum in 6 patients, inconsistent with celiac disease. M. I know he wants so badly to get off that bus, to join us as we enjoy our freedoms. The numbers have increased exponentially in recent years. It’s quite a long post and I considered breaking it up into parts.

Their study provides further evidence of neuroinflammation that may be categorized as excessive in ASD. So then they were starting to wonder, “If this is happening and it’s occurring right at the very beginning of autism, when autism is occurring, then it has to be being introduced into the human body at the time, or just before the autism is occurring in the human body which appears to be at a state of infancy, not at birth. The response to hallucinogenic drugs, or even the presence of spontaneous hallucinogen-like activity in the brain, is a potentially fruitful area that can be explored in this context. We have to look carefully at what’s right in front of our eyes. So back to our immunologist. This speculative, and then retracted article, led to a decline in parental confidence in public health vaccination programs and therefore in MMR vaccination rates, which in turn, resulted in outbreaks of measles infection (23-26).

The potential multiple triggers for this illness, we are calling NIDS, will need many, many years of ongoing research to learn how  multiple factors such as stress, viral, or environmental may play a role. On the other hand, physical disruption in the gene KCNMA1 encoding BKCa channels and decreased activity of these channels in autism have been observed recently [16946189]. Other viruses, like HHV 6, Rubella, Mumps and other herpes viruses may be implicated in the autism picture. There is now ample evidence, confirmed by independent groups of researchers, of a link between regressive autism and a novel form of inflammatory bowel disease. 97-103. Although glutathione supplements are available you will get better results by increasing it through regular exercise, NAC, Methylcobalamin, Alpha lipoic acid, Vitamin B6 (in active form P5P), Folate, Selenium, Garlic, Onion, Broccoli, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Vitamin E and C, Milk thistle, and isolated whey protein.

Candida yeast and PDDs Overgrowth of the ubiquitous Candida albicans is a persistent problem for many people, especially those who have taken a lot of antibiotics and those with impaired immune systems, including people with AIDS. Diagnostic Role of Immunogenetics in Post-Vaccine Diseases of the Central Nervous System (CNS): Preliminary Results. But since listening to Dr. Autism cannot be cured but is treatable. (1989). Impulsive and aggression during the day completely disappeared.

Again, this certainly supports its traditional uses for liver and gallbladder problems of various kinds. Its job is to locate microscopic foreign bodies and ‘eat’ them. Besides the absence of proof implicating human genes as the major causative factor, there is a range of evidence – including strong epidemiological and compelling evolutionary evidence – suggesting that pathogens cause chronic diseases. 1) Maternal immune activation involves the maternal immune system. He has a school in CA with over a 1000 families doing this same approach, and having great success. In the Danish study mentioned above, increased IgG antibody to T.

Apoptosis – Programmed cell death; cellular suicide – kamakazis – Cells die without inflammation. Now look at the children with autism. Dr. In California the incidence of autism was running at 150-200 a year until 1980, when it dramatically rose to reach nearly 600 in 1990. Outstanding questions about the links between vaccines, government vaccine policies and the epidemic of chronic disease in our children, including autism, learning disabilities, ADHD, asthma, diabetes and, as we have discussed today, cancer are not going away. Increased Seroprevalence of Chronic Toxoplasmosis in Autistic Children: Special Reference to the Pathophysiology of IFN-γ and NO Overproduction.

They consistently found little. Some parents report that their child has had its first ever cold. This is ironic and relevant; the virus gets into the cancer cell, which allows it to hide from the immune system, and so the virus replicates and kills the host (cancer) cells. Interestingly, these mice reacted differently to syngeneic implanted mouse melanoma tumors, apparently because of differences in the vigor of their anti-tumor T-cell responses. Immediately he was pounced upon by people calling him ‘anti-vaccine’ and trying to get him fired. and the other, the Brain-Damage kind, results from contaminated vaccines (with mycoplasma/fungi), and the subsequent immunosuppression and reactivation of the live, attenuated viruses in the vaccine vial.