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Eucalyptus essential oil consists of anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and antiviral properties which aid in relieving shingles symptoms. For the lower respiratory tract, Hyssop decumbens (from the same plant family as Melissa) has been of interest. For example, consuming food that you’re sensitive to will only cause more (not reduce!) inflammation. When I woke up, the angry red color of the shingles had noticeably subsided. Ravensara oil offers topical relief while concurrently dealing with the viruses [4]. Clove – Clove has the ability to treat the infection and virus along with the pain, so it’s an excellent choice for treating shingles.

At present, the mainstream medical approach for dealing with SARS has been to provide supportive treatment (which may include interventions such as draining fluid from the lungs); antibiotics to control secondary bacterial infections; steroids to help control some of the symptoms of SARS; and the use of existing antiviral agents in hopes that they may have some effect. It also enhances the immune system through building ojas which is the fuel which brings inner fire, energy, and healthy immunity. Antiperspirant – It calms down excessive sweating. The Romans used hyssop to ward off the plague, and purify or disinfect their gathering places and dwellings. pylori bacteria found in our digestive tracts. Blend ahead of time if preferred, and store in a dark glass bottle with dropper.

Also avoid oregano oil during pregnancy. This is where essential oils can really help reduce the itch, and in the treatment of those painful symptoms bringing relief from the pain and discomfort. Add 1 drop of teatree and 1 of lavender to it too if you can, and apply. I continue to apply the above remedy. Misting with Shingles Mist a cool water-based solution allows for you not to touch your painful lesions. Creating a steam tent is most beneficial when treating cold and flu symptoms.

The more highly concentrated the oil, the better, with study participants reporting pain relief in direct proportion to the percentage of geranium oil present in their topical mixture. Usually grow on the face around the mouth, eyes, neck, chin, or nose. Since lemongrass oil is the strongest antiviral oil, mix 10 drops of that with a teaspoon of jojoba oil and store it in a bottle. Both comments and pings are currently closed. Plaque formation was clearly reduced, when herpes simplex virus was pretreated with the essential oils prior to adsorption. Thus it is important to consider the antiviral essential oils as a way to get rid of the root cause.

Suffice it to mention only one aspect that is common to the whole choir of cross parroting rags, there is not the slightest sign of willingness to inject even a moderate amount of critical thinking into the evaluation of such a study. It is not a matter of using “French” or “British” methods, it’s a matter of experience and appropriate application. Click here for information about internal usage. Peppermint oil extract is shown to be more effective than the mouthwash chemical chlorhexidine in preventing the development of biofilm that contribute to cavities.12 It can also prevent bad breath. Its main antiviral ingredients include terpinen-4-ol, a-terpinene, p-cymene, terpinolene and a-terpineol. Treatment with these oils, he notes, inhibits the virus by altering the pH and electrical resistance of bodily fluids in a way that is disadvantageous for viral replication.

Suggested Carrier Oil: Tamanu Calophyllum inophyllum– Tamanu has anti-inflammatory properties and promotes the formation of new tissue due to its neutral lipids, glycolipids, and phospholipids, calophyllic acid (a fatty acid), and calophyllolide (an anti-bacterial and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory). First things first, essential oils are the very essence of the plant. In addition to antibiotics, some mainstream physicians prescribe steroids, antidepressants, and in severe cases nerve blocks, because the pain can persist for months or even years. I did this 3 times a day, and adjusted our diet away from cold, dairy and wheat for those few days. However, the oil’s antimicrobial properties were not formally discovered until the 1920s and 1930s. Apply Epsom salts & a few drops of Lavender Oil to the bath and soak away the tension.

Other members of the family are: Cajeput, Niaouli, Clove, Eucalyptus and Myrtle. In fact, it is noted as somewhere between a carrier oil and an essential oil, perhaps due to its complex therapeutic properties.