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Cats who get along and do mutual grooming spread the virus extremely easily. But all this is moot, because it may not be herpes at all. My lovely cat (she used to be lovelyand healthy) has got this (EPI) I am sure although has’t been fully diagnosed because I can’t afford all the tests. While most herpes infections do not cause serious complications, infections in infants and in people with weakened immune systems or herpes infections that affect the eyes can be life threatening. Na wisseling voer geen probleem meer geweest. – posted in Rush: Alone on a small island with Neil Peart and a crate of Macallan 25 year old Scotch but no hope of rescue or the rest of your life with genital herpes living in Austin Texas???.

You’ll want to get a chest x-ray to check for “donut” pattens in the lungs. Maybe I’ll give her a call and see how she ‘splains it! This virus causes conjunctivitis (inflammation of the moveable white tissue surrounding the eye) andor corneal ulcers. There is contact info available, I would get in touch and see if it’s OK to give this Cibelle and her babies as a preventative. The cause of the problem is not known. (Just like when we are rundown or ill we get cold sores.

my vet did tell me that Billy will probably only live till 12 years old at the most… Treatment for herpesvirus involves the use of topical medications (drops or ointment) which must be applied frequently (every 6 hours) for at least 4-6 weeks. Throat swabs were collected from the group of kittens vaccinated on day -6 and the group of kittens used as controls on days -6, -3, 0, 4, 6, 8, and 12. it is meant to be the equilivant of human conditions called trigeminal neuralgia. Perhaps you are right and he does have an eating disorder. By the way, I had him nuetered at the begining of Jan, and my vet did a pre surgery check.

She was still sneezing some and occasionally coughing but it seemed to be slightly improved. Days, week? Is there any way of getting rid of this thing??? I lost a stray kitten to FIP :no:; he had the dry form. I have used Wellness and Blue Buffalo in the past for my cat who had CRF, she would sometimes eat them, but far preferred the Whiskas fish pouch things, or a simple can of tuna (which is know is not ideal either because of salt and preservatives). It kind of sounded like he had a hairball and a respiratory infection at the same time.

Your kitty might have a herpes virus, ask you vet about that too. I’ve unplugged it but they are still sick, I feel so horrible watching them suffer. She snored a lot (even when she was awake). The device was adapted from Department of Defense technology used to monitor soldiers’ health. Maybe you could call and ask the vet for her reasoning? No chicken or turkey or fish.

. It’s not really that red, just pink from his skin showing through the hairs, I think. The older one (6) was semi-feral and wouldn’t let anyone touch him. He is still on the porch and has teeth. Use a paper towel dampened with warm water to keep her eyes and nose clean. I gave him some pain meds just one day, he was great the next.

Her eyes definitely get worse after someone has visited, which is why I believe this reaction is stress-related. I havn’t seen one around so am assuning that that one is either holed up or died… Wow, so many personalities. But I will help out with anything I can! I’m waiting to hear back from the vet (they were on lunch dammit!) and thought I would ask all of you about it. Athena’s is mostly white/clear, maybe tinged a little pinkish.

Two days ago, I realized that the third eyelids of my two-year-old orange DSH were showing, covering about a quarter of his eyes. I’m new to the board. She was housed there for a week, but prior to that she was being handled by the local SPCA, so all of our adoption stuff came though them.