Herpes Blood Test 10 1/2 Weeks?

The reason I think it’s herpes because I had sexual intercourse (protected and unprotected) as well as oral sex (unprotected for literally 3 secs). Your blood test was not at week 12-16 as is suggested, but is nevertheless relatively reliable. I continued feeling the above symptoms with no relief, so I took another Herpes Select IGG test 12 weeks post exposure, and it was still negative for both HSV 1 & 2. 10 Test Panel with HIV Early Detection Learn More 349. No fever since I last saw her ?’s Was my test really worthless in finding out if I had Herpes at 5 wks? A few take even longer than 12 weeks.

But by far, the most accurate test for genital herpes or any type of herpes is a Herpes Blood Test. Are there any blood tests that are type specific that can detect the glycoprotein G-deficient virus, for instance the WB test or the Biokit test? 5. The Herpes 2 IgG Abs test is highly accurate in screening for Herpes as it looks for antibodies which will last for the life of the infected person. Bought a tube of Abreva, applied the cream and, thankfully, the area on my lip never erupted into a sore of any kind and the itching slowly tapered off. In fact, many people contract oral herpes from a parent or sibling.

I would say the broken condom situation is the riskiest but even with a condom a person can get herpes, but less likely than without. Further, herpes doesn’t cause stiff neck and fatigue without causing high fever as well. This is why, when you get tested, you are asked to fill out a questionnaire that asks for details about when you last had sexual contact, unprotected sex, etc. Could this be symptoms of a a type of herpes? A blood test now for Herpes Types 1 and 2 antibody. Both HSV-1 and HSV-2 came back as 0.

4 weeks ago, I had a small scar on my penis. You should recheck in 2-3 months. She has felt fine and felt fine before and during sex. I do not know if the IgG test tests for both or not…anyone know that answer? Of course, in order for herpes to be managed effectively, it needs to be diagnosed first – but just how accurate are our current testing methods? I pointed out another sore spot on my rectum to the doctor which he said was herpes, and suggested I have it tested.

In fact, a post from 2 days ago written by her states: “The IgM Herpes test is a very flawed test, and current CDC recommendations do not recommend it be used at all.” So your IgM result is not reliable to determine if you have herpes or not. I am not assuming that I don’t have herpes. Both have occurred during this 7 week span. I don’t think I could have summarized it better myself. I’d think the best you can do is swab anything that emerges in future and request a PCR for herpes be performed on the swab. So i dont see reason for retesting,just relax and trust me, you dont have herpes infection.

PLEASE REVIEW CAREFULLY. The blood test was done 1 month post possible exposure.so with all this considered, wondering if a blood test at this stage would be helpful, or if we could still end up with a negative blood result even if she has gotten HSV2? IgG appears soon after infection and stays in the blood for life. I had it done with in 72 hours. This method is not always reliable; if the sores are starting to heal, the test might be negative even if you have herpes. A bit more “plasticky”.

This video describes the early gender test i took. With that said, it seems very unlikely it was a false negative given that you have a breakout only after protected sex. Dec 15, 2014 … Many STD blood tests aren’t accurate until at least a few weeks after you have been infected with a virus. Hook, and probably within some of our own comments. Here’s how to get a Blood Test for Herpes, the most accurate herpes test for Genital Herpes diagnosis or Oral Herpes diagnosis.So maybe you’re worried because you’ve seen some symptoms of herpes on yourself or your partner?Well then, it’s time to do something about it.