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Also if your car has to cope with extra pressures, for example: stopping and starting each day in heavy traffic, towing a caravan, standing outside at night, then you may prefer a calcium battery. And a retracted nose plug isnt going to prevent that. In other words a proper American made muscle car tyre. The 2WD and AWD tunnels are totally different. This will be my daily driver. He had never driven one before.

Ignorance is my middle name. Once the coil packs and rocker was removed (on the left side) I thought the problem was a suspect lifter. I forget the code but i can get it for you if you like it. . The fronts are 20 x 8 and the rears are 20 x 10 and I had the rear arches rolled. No problem at all at trackdays too.

My preference would be the black! V8 supercars run 17s with 370+mm brakes so maybe the ones made similar to the V8s will fit. Great choice in your dream ride with our 300kw tuned LS1 monaro it uses 8.7L/100k driving on a trip, cruisin around town is 15L/100km (mind you chasin a few runs). As well as the Commodore sedan and wagon, the massive recall affects other locally-produced Holdens such as the Monaro coupe, Statesman/Caprice luxury sedans, Crewman utes, Adventra off-road wagon and various HSV variants. I am not very technical when it comes to engines so will take his word for now unless someone can say otherwise ? i think in years to come it will be accepted at the monaro colour!

If I wanted a track car to win trophys, I’d go the m3. Plans are to get it looking pretty much as perfect as possible, wheels refurbished, sort the wee dent out etc. I cant get into the boot because of my stereo and no boot lock, and the bonnet is closed. Welcome! Word of warning for anyone thinking about removing the old badge, take it easy with the screwdriver, or stick the new badge over the top. I reckon it would be simple and very very cool.

Gary H 2008 8. or does that just denote the Engine 5.7 to 6.0 V8 change? I only live in Southampton so not too far. Seat of the pants, the toe-out changes were definitely noticeable as initial turn-in was much crisper, however the front end felt quite pushy and understeery on entrance. because that’s where site issues and addressed by the PH techies (we don’t allow then full access to the site otherwise nothing gets done ). Usually can restart by going off line then re-entering the forum.

I bought the car back in April 2010. *sep – new paint Will be lowered again this weekend. When i first joined i had interest from ppl about EBC brakes and after a bit research with a few guys on here. Some of my posts years ago went into the ether as quick as I typed them. Let’s wait for the FI guys to bottle out after 20 minutes and then take the rest of the afternoon over again. Displacement, heads, cam and FI.

This report page is the aggregated overview from a single forum: HSV & Monaro, located on the Message Board at http://www.pistonheads.com. The trouble is what I created before was an unhappy compromise: too brutal for a road car, but lacking in a few key areas as a dragster. Monaro is an older design, still a very nice car and IMO has more character and is more unique. Holden’s performance car partner, Holden Special Vehicles, is developing a road-going Monaro-based supercar to rival Europe’s finest. Would be a chance for more bannter. Have been told they should slot right in and take 1-2hrs – need to basically remove the old footrest and replace the whole part, the Accel and Brake pedals should bolt right on?

Big G (GSD2000) is looking at a mini drag day at the Pod in with one of the RWYB’s. Not too bad a morning, weather was good, cars were great, everyone was friendly and straight in for a swim at the beach afterwards. In cats, herpes is a respiratory virus accounting for nearly 50 of feline upper respiratory infections.