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Should I be telling them? I think this is dangerous because there is such a strong chance that he will give these women an STD, such as AIDS, and destroy both of their lives. It used to be that HSV I was responsible for oral herpes (cold sores), and a different virus, HSV II, was responsible for genital herpes. There are the plastic wrap protection steps that can be taken, although that’ll kill the sensation and good luck keeping a dental dam or a piece of plastic wrap in the right place for very long doing that. Again, she told me that from what I described, it doesn’t sound like herpes. Some stupid homos are saying that we should feel compassion for poor Whitney.

They know that infectious disease is not original sin. I’m extremely sorry that you were raped, DRARS, although your baseless accusations of rape make me doubt your claim to be a survivor of rape. The virus is especially contagious when sores are present but can also be contagious when there are no sores. If you do have herpes, SSA, I would encourage you to be open about it—all of it, SSA. Called “A must-read for anyone with genitalia” by The Comics Journal, it chronicles the relationship of a young couple when they discover they both have herpes, the shame and disgust they feel with each other and their own bodies, and how they deal with it. And your 2nd and 3rd sentences flat out contradict each other.

I don’t know about you, GGMSE, but personally I’m glad I was at home memorizing the score of Cats and not trapped in some filthy tree house learning how to light farts or gulp air and belch at will. “The application of an external constriction to the penis did potentially cause the pressure in the urethra to rise, possibly traumatically, during ejaculation,” said Dr. She’s kinky, you’re GGG, and you’re both enjoying some kick-ass, boundary- pushing sex. I have brought up threesomes, and she seems fine with the idea and talking about it turns her on. A “The application of an external constriction to the penis did potentially cause the pressure in the urethra to rise, possibly traumatically, during ejaculation,” says Dr. Hello, straight people?

He joined me at the first consult and was talking about the smallest implants possible. In the scene’s favor, Rico is stripped, strung up, and shares a moment of homoerotic “here, bite this” bonding with his drill sergeant. You’re worried about the herpes when you should probably be worried about the most common STI of all: pregnancy. I died inside. Even if your roommate does have herpes, STD, you’re not going to get it from sharing a toilet — unless you and the roommate have invented a novel new way of taking a dump. (And, as I’ve written until my fingers are bleeding, reason enough to end a relationship.) You’re dating a guy who can get it up only when he sees his girlfriend sobbing on the floor — that’s apparently what it takes to make his dick hard — and this sobbing-on-the-floor shit goes down twice a month.

I don’t consider my HSV1 to be the end of all things — it’s fairly manageable, and if anything can be an upside it’s that HSV1 has a very low recurrence rate, so chances are I will never have to worry about another outbreak. Any reasonably understanding partner oughta indulge your harmless kink. I do not believe him. And one day your son is going to look all of this up on the internet. He is undetectable, and we use condoms. And while condoms, when used correctly, offer excellent protection from the two scariest sexually transmitted infections out there—HIV and pregnancy—condoms only reduce your risk of acquiring gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia, HPV, herpes, and other STIs.

Truvada. We’ve been together nine years, married seven. Perhaps you could start a movement to reclaim “exhibitionism” from the creeps? We compared women with IFNL4-ΔG/ΔG or IFNL4-TT/ΔG genotypes (i.e., IFNL4-ΔG carriers) to those with the IFNL4-TT/TT genotype, adjusting for age, race and HIV status. Another beautiful piece by Patrick Stevenson Keating via the Bare Conductive website: For the 2012 Milan Furniture Fair, Patrick Stevenson-Keating put together some incredible lamps using Bare Paint suspended in oil.