Exotic Shorthair and Feline Herpes Virus

Some cats who become infected with feline herpes are latent carriers. While loss of appetite is dangerous in all cats, it is especially so in kittens where anorexia and dehydration can quickly take hold. I thought this was a virus that kitties only got from other infected kitties/animals but the breeder says: “Of course it is easy for a kitten to catch viruses from infected cats but it is not the only way. Once attached to a susceptible cell (a cell that will support the virus growth), the viral DNA (vDNA) is injected into the cell. A doctor can diagnose genital herpes by looking at the outbreak and taking a sample of tissue or fluid from the sores. I treated her for her feline herpes for nine months with a viral medication that left her cloudy.

This is a major step forward in managing severe FHV infection in cats. How could I go about getting another cat with the special needs cat I already have? My kitten has no discharge from his nose, he is eating and drinking water fine, and he has no other symptoms of the herpes virus. A ‘carrier’ is a cat who continues to harbor the virus but does not show any signs of the disease. cat, is that enough? Anti-inflammatory steroids are often used in combination but never alone, since steroids can make secondary infections worse.

Most cats are exposed as kittens. Notice also that the severity of discharge and blepharospasm is variable and that in some cases the nasal discharge is worse and in others the ocular involvement seems worse. The question people immediately ask – is my other cat going to get it? In most cases, once symptoms appear the active infection will last about 10-20 days. History and clinical signs can diagnose ocular diseases caused by feline herpes virus. Nasal discharge may be clear, cloudy with mucus, pus-like or bloody in nature.

Well about a week later Gonzo starts sneezing and coughing and then a day later his eye is just running like someone turned on a faucet, so to the bet we go. So a show kitty, has a higher degree of exposure, plus the stress of traveling and showing. Of this latter group, 45% will recrudesce. For treatment, the vet gave me the pink antibiotic to dropper feed him, and eye drops (probably trifluorothymidine). I would expect similar problems in other countries, incidentally, but refer to the USA here because I have the information from American visitors to this site – thank you for it by the way. That’s a pretty statistically normal experience.

This makes vaccination even more important for our cats compared to cats in rural areas with low population densities. The result is healthy looking eyes and a kitty that feels a whole lot better overall. Devon: I’m thinking you shouldn’t worry too much about herpes right now. Cats contract bartonellosis, commonly called cat scratch fever, when they ingest an infected flea or its feces. The thick discharge disappeared but I took her to our regular vet (we started her at the shelter clinic because they are cheaper) soon, concerned about her convulsive sneezing. Find out the causes, symptoms & treatment of herpes in cats.

The paste is designed to be easily administered to your cat, and therefore won’t cause any extra stress. It is now May 2014 and very little has appeared to effect a change. between the 2 commercial laboratories. I’m not used to seeing them this way and it makes me nervous because they can’t tell me how they are feeling. It is usually, when a URI just won’t go away, or it goes away, but keeps coming back. Cats can become ill from numerous sources, including viral, bacterial or fungal agents, and each illness has a different lifespan and length of contagion.

However, around the end of October he started with the sneezing again and the green mucus nose discharge, and into 1st week of Nov. He’s sneezing very wet sneezes that are clear. Vaccine-Associated Feline Sarcoma Task Force. I hope it helps. Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease is the most common ailment of cats. I have four cats, two are infected with the FELINE HERPES virus.