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He said I had 1 of 2 options – I could either come back in about 2-3 weeks to get another blood test to see if the equivocal result comes back any different, or he could send in a request to the lab to perform a further test on the blood they already had (some type of glycoprotein test or something). How about if you try the herpeselect again and see what you get? She said the lab couldn’t explain why the result would have been low except to say something about methodology. The first antibodies that are made arer IgM and the IgG are a reflection of long-term immunity. Before him, I hadn’t had sex since last August, two different people but only once for each, neither one came anywhere near me, used condoms (though it slipped off one of them). 0.91-1.10 Submission of a 2nd specimen collected 3-4 weeks after initial specimen if clinically warranted Pos +1.10 HSV IgG AB detected.

3) He doesn’t think that I have anything to worry about, but is it possible that I had this last year, was shedding the virus, and he passed it on to her without contracting it himself? Not with Herpes, the immune system can’t win against it. Since my equivocal results were on the lower side, is that a good thing? Since both your results fall within equivocal range, I would greatly suggest a retest. Also, except for some urinary tract sensitivity (I had this before the incident) due to kidney stones, I have no sores or symptoms (just a huge amount of stress). If that result is clearly negative (i.e., a value 0.9 or less) you can be positive you don’t have it.

At my recent physical, approximately 4 1/2 months after the last sexual encounter with this girl, my doctor took the full battery of std tests. Though most of these skin dermatoses are benign and resolve in postpartum period, a few can risk fetal life and require antenatal surveillance. It should be accurate. If I was swift enough to link to that blog here I would. My HVS 2 result came back positive 1.0 and was asked by the lab to retest in 7 days as it’s equivocal. I’m trying to stay calm, but I am so afraid and upset.

Just To Be Safe He Suggested An STD panel, Which I Hesitantly Agrees To. 4. (Genital Herpes) results came back equivocal, so she had a re-test, and yesterday came back positive. My doctor gave me a 7 day supply of Valtrex as a precaution (in case it was an early exposure) Although I never had fever, aches, or vesicles etc. Symptoms of genital herpes simplex Women affected by this virus have small painful blisters that later ulcerate. I was devastated and wanted to get re-tested immediately.

Oh, I guess she’s not worth spending time with otherwise unless you can bang her? For people who either took antivirals or just naturally took longer than 4 months to convert for whatever reason, were antibodies continuously on the rise in the test value or was it very negative and then all of a sudden spiked positive at or after 6 months? But if you feel you need to sort this out with more certainty, talk to your doctor about having an HSV Western blot test, the ultimate gold standard to sort out uncertain HSV test results. I’ve done a lot of searching, obviously, and it looks like readings below 3.5 can often be a false positive in the herpeselect igg tests, with the lower the number having a greater likelihood of being negative. She needs a confirmatory test. On June 6, I got retested and all my scores came by negative including HV1 but my HV2 igg test was .97 equivocal.

The doctor said that it did not sound like herpes but ran a blood test that came back negative. Affection of the brain leads to a dreadful condition called Encephalitis which results in features like fever, headache, confusion, behavioural changes like agitation and psychotic state. Two herpes experts, H. If you did contract genital herpes thru oral sex it’s more likely to be hsv1 than hsv2. It came back equivocal.