Electron Microscopic Studies of the Morphogenesis of Duck Enteritis Virus

The cell lysate containing DEV was subjected to three freeze-thaw cycles and stored at -70 °C. The results showed transcript expression as early as 0.5 h, and gradually increased, peaking at 24 h (Fig. herpesalliance. That was valuable and useful data because little information about the intracellular localization of the DEV gK is known. DVE can be transmitted by direct contact, or indirectly by contact with a contaminated environment. DNA vaccines are not only safe, easy to preparation and use, but effective and inexpensive.

Real-time PCR for IC detection was carried out in a separate run, using primers and probe (named IC-F, IC-R and IC-P respectively) listed in Table 3. Acta Virol. In several types of varicellovirus, gN prevents peptide transport through transporter associated with antigen processing (TAP) protein [12]. Western blotting was used to detect DEV UL54 protein (Fig. Glycoprotein D (gD) is one of the several surface glycoproteins on the viral membrane and is an essential component for viral entry into host cells [6], [7]. The primer probes utilized in this assay are based on a conserved nucleotide sequence present in multiple variants of PsHV (K.

However, an extreme degree of UL54 homology (29.5–43.1 %) had been observed in alpha-herpes virus counterparts, such as HSV-1, PRV, EHV-1, EHV-4, HSV-2, and VZV. a Recommendations are for production areas where the diseases listed are common. Vaccination is a desirable method to prevent DPV infection (8). The present DP outbreak was the first reported in Shandong province, although occasional scattered cases have previously occurred. To evaluate the developed real-time PCR for diagnosing and monitoring ducks with DuCV infection, we compared the results of conventional PCR and real-time PCR using clinical samples from 29 duck samples distributed in different areas of Fujian Province, China. The titer of agar diffusion reaction reached 1:16 which suggested the extractive anti-pUL55 IgG was specific and sensitive to pUL55.

Typically clinical signs consisted of prolapse of the penis in male matured breeders, and a marked drop in egg production in laying flocks. Chickens in groups D-AI(1C)/D-AI(3C) were inoculated subcutaneously with 0.3 ml of inactivated AIV H5N1 Re-6 vaccine (QYH) according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Khulape, Sohini Dey, K. Duck enteritis virus (DEV), a member of the alphaherpesvirinae subfamily of the herpesviridae, is an acute, contagious virus infection that naturally occurs in ducks, geese and swans, which are all members of the family Anatidae of the order Anseriformes [1]. Prevention must also focus upon prevention of exposure to wild waterfowl and contaminated water. Non-waterfowl bird species are believed to be resistant to the virus.

American black ducks Anas rubripes, wood ducks Aix sponsa, scaup Aythya spp., shelducks Tadorna spp., bufflehead Bucephala albeola, goldeneye Bucephala spp., Australian grey teal Anas (gibberifrons) gracilis, American wigeon (widgeon) Anas americana National Zoological Park, Washington D.C., USA (J4.169.w1). The disease progresses very quickly and birds that appear healthy one day may be very sick or deceased the next. Local IgA was found in each sample, whereas local IgG was found only in the spleen, thymus, bursa of Fabricius, harderian gland, liver, bile, and lung. This study suggests that the role of CD154 in the regulation of adaptive immune responses had already evolved before the divergence of birds and mammals. To analyze diversity in all seven isolates of MDV, a polymorphism study was carried out by cloning and sequencing of full length of Meq gene (1020 bp). Inhibition studies indicated that RA proteins play a role in adhesion.

C. From them, only the DP virus was isolated again. Among the domestic birds Muscovy ducks had the highest infection rate of 50% while Goose (Anser anser) had the highest of 72.7% infection rate among the wild captured birds. Moreover, we showed that alpha interferon reduced the accumulation of RNA-containing viral particles. All avian cell cultures were susceptible to HVP but there were variations in the cytophatic response. Our site uses cookies to improve your experience.

Highly pathogenic avian influenza virus (AIV) subtype H5N1 remains a threat to poultry. The complement system is a major non-specific mechanism of humoral immunity. Bobcats can be anywhere from fifteen to thirty pounds (males 20-30 pounds, females 15-25 pounds) and can jump up as high as twelve feet. Description: Avian Diseases is an international, peer-reviewed journal that publishes original basic or clinical research of the highest quality from various disciplines including: microbiology, immunology, and pathology.