Testing involves a nasal swab and a blood sample for EHV PCR testing. Regular equine dental care can prevent serious problems. The fact that one group of seven horses were commingled in a confined location the past 10 months with no evidence of transmission, minimizes chance of natural transmission having occurred. Meanwhile, the USET, now the Gladstone-based USET Foundation, got a new leader of its own when Tucker Johnson took over as president and CEO. To obtain this certificate, you will need: a current negative coggins test (within the past year for horses leaving New Jersey); the name and address of where the horse is going; and the name and address of who will be shipping the horse (if not yourself). The virus can cause vesicles on the mouth, snout, and on the coronary bands on pigs’ feet.

Temperatures must be taken on all horses prior to loading on vans and must be documented. What happens at the National Elephant Endotheliotropic Herpesvirus (EEHV) Laboratory at the National Zoo?. EHV-1 abortion was reported by Japan (eight cases in vaccinated mares on seven premises), the UK (two cases in Thoroughbreds), and the USA (three cases). Adequate vaccination requires repeat booster shots every 60-90 days due to the relatively short-lived protection immunization affords. Read about how the outbreak is affecting horsemen in one county in California. Contestants were asked to take their horses’ temperatures before shipping into Westbrook and to leave behind any horse having a fever, a possible sign of the disease.

Use your own equipment, including buckets, lead ropes, cross ties, hay nets, pitchforks, etc. Exhibitors should be instructed to bring the animals for exam at those specified times, and exam costs will be the owner’s responsibility. Located 50 miles south of Toledo, the University of Findlay has about 3,300 undergraduate students, of which almost 400 participate in equine programs. This variant shows symptoms similar to other dangerous diseases, including Rabies, EEE, and EPM. Respiratory disease caused by EHV-1 was confirmed in France (a single outbreak), Ireland (seven cases), and the United States (activity recorded in several states). The Gordyville facility was set to undergo a complete disinfection.

In January 2012, 17 cases of EHV-1 were confirmed in California. Investigation of the capability of the United States and each individual state to prevent entry of the virus, or to rapidly identify and contain an outbreak, became a priority for USDA and each state’s department of agriculture. The virus does not affect humans and other domestic animals, with the exception of llamas and alpacas. In recent days some states increased their count of how many horses were sick with the virus. With an incubation period that can span 10-21 days, the length of the quarantine can significantly impact the equine competitive season or barn affected. The Western equine encephalitis virus can cause disease in humans, horses and some species of birds.

The horse owner voluntarily placed the premises under a self-imposed quarantine to reduce the risk of viral spread. Influenza was reported by France,  Britain, and the US. However every step along the way to taking better care of horses is a direct result of Dr. Today, one premise in Hillsborough County, Florida was placed under quarantine for strangles, according to a Equine Disease Communication Center (EDCC) alert. Since the beginning of 2013 there have been outbreaks of the neurologic form of Equine Herpesvirus-1, called Equine Herpesvirus Myeloencephalopathy (EHM), in New Jersey, Utah, Colorado, Florida, Illinois Tennessee, California and Quebec, Canada. It can be spread indirectly through human contaminated hands or clothing; contaminated equipment and tack; contaminated trailers used for transporting horses; contaminated wipe rags or other grooming equipment; and contaminated feed and water buckets.

The department’s tracing activities at the farm to determine the extent of the outbreak led to today’s quarantine of Tourelay Farm. In addition, it is taking its toll on the horse shipping industry, which has come to a standstill. Two horses on a premises in southern Arizona were both infected with the New Jersey serotype of the virus. When we write, we “keyboard,” using some form of word processor. PRESTIGIOUS and profitable, the Polar Bear Horse Show is an important event to the Westbrook Hunt Club and to equestrians throughout Connecticut and surrounding states.