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We need to know what testing was done first. No sex such as penetration and my penis did not touch her vagina, just rubbing my penis on her vagina while we were both wearing our underpants. Also Dr. Research shows that in the first 2-3 years after initial HSV-1, about 40% have no recurrent outbreaks; and most of the remainder have only 1-2 outbreaks during that time. Is there a way to test if I have the immunity, or even the specific immunity (throw my blood in with a batch of hers and see what happens)? As for sex with your wife, no distant online expert can guarantee someone isn’t infected.

Also, HBV vaccination has been increasingly normal in childhood, so many potential partners probably have been vaccinated — in which case there is no risk. 2) I am not aware of any genital to genital HSV-1 transmissions in my 40 years in the STD business. So of course a much smaller proportion of the population has recurrent cold sores. Statistically, it’s unlikely you were infected, but the only way to be certain would be to have a blood test for HSV-2. no you are not. When I told my boyfriend he said he hadn’t cheated.

I have never had any symptoms of HSV 2, nor have I had any outbreak. I am just thinking there was a slight possibility, however it may happened, that any trace of his saliva may have found its way down to there! I’m glad the truth was quickly sorted out. I had a sore, I informed her, we did not have any condoms, she said she didn’t care that she loved me and wanted to spend the rest of her life with me. He saw no moral issue with it as it is more likely that the other person has it than him passing it on, and if it is passed on it is widely considered “no big deal”. Wear sunscreen-even on your lips Exposure intravaginal-herpes-outbreak light, namely UV light, seems to be a very contributing factor outbreaks.

I also have a history of chicken pox. I was riddled with fear and maybe out of not wanting to REALLY know the truth I assumed the tests were a blood test. 2) Have a blood test for antibody to HSV-2 (and preferably HSV-1 as well). I will do my best to answer your questions where answers are known. I didn’t think much of it, assuming it was seasonal, but it recurred three weeks later. Thursday morning my husband showered and realized he had an open sore on his penis.

My most recent girlfriend hadn’t been with anyone else. Could this be a sudden outbreak of previously asymptomatic herpes? what led him to get tested? My questions are the following: 1) Just as outbreaks become less frequent over time, does asymptomatic shedding become less frequent over time? The study found that the taking of Valtrex daily reduced transmission by 48% over placebo. It’s a good bet, but by no means certain.

Dear Grace; thanks for your reply. this absolutely was not a risk to the massage therapist. I’ll try to help. These sound like canker sores. does “asymptomatic herpes” mean simply no outbreaks or does it mean that a person would also not get the ‘flu’ symptoms? ok.

It’s not unreasonable to ask your partner to use Valtrex or one of the other suppressive drugs. Among monogamous couples in whom one person has genital HSV-2 infection, and who have sex 2-3 times per week, and who avoid sex when symptoms are present, transmission occurs in only about 5% of couples  per year. So I gave in to my sexual impulse and participated in anonymous msm oral sex (I was the recipient). Hi there, I am a 43 year old female and have been exposed to both HSV1 and possibly HSV2. Have you ever posted your test results here for anyone to look at to see if you need additional testing done ( I can only vouch for myself, HHH and Dr Hook – no idea what the level of expertise is of any of the other posters )? Therefore, if 97% of the people would have antibodies present and detectable on the WB by 6 months, than the follow up test is just in case I am in the 3%.