Antiviral Approach to Meniere’s – Month 17 Update

Herpes zoster oticus, or Ramsay Hunt syndrome, is a unique variety of viral labyrinthitis. There is no substantial evidence yet on whether viruses play a role in causing Meniere’s disease. The bottom line here is that I have the tinnitus and it is bothering me and I want to do something about it. The cause of Meniere’s disease isn’t understood. Some minor dizziness but I never know if that’s from the prescription and supplements or just a side effect of MM. In 34% of the vestibular ganglia of the control group we detected either HSV1 or VZV.

ELISA mean log titers were significantly lower in the patient group to CMV and VZV when compared with controls. A look and viral connections to Meniere’s disease and the use of Valtrex to combat it. That said, viral infections are a possible cause to check for and rule out. Antibiotics which appear especially useful in the treatment of bacillus infections are: Clindamycin & Vancomycin to which the vast majority of strains are susceptible in vitro, usual antibiotics are of little help in this setting. Steroid injections – Dexamethasone may also be injected in the middle ear in order to reduce inflammation and improve ear circulation. Gentamicin (gent) — Antibiotic drug with ototoxic properties.

We did not find a correlation between hearing loss and viral titers. This is the million-dollar question! Here are some suggestions for a natural approach to symptom management. There has been no conclusive proof of an infectious agent related to Meniere’s disease. Between the use of antivirals and repositioning maneuvers (physical therapy), the number of chronically disabled patients who were candidates for ablation of posterior semicircular canal function (canal occlusion or singular neurectomy) was reduced significantly. The relationship between the sensitivity of H(2)O(2)-treated LCLs to ATP and the staging scale of MD was examined.

VEMPs are short latency electromyograms (EMGs), evoked by a high intensity acoustic stimulus (click or tone burst), and recorded from the tonically contracted sternocleidomastoid muscle (cervical VEMP) or the recently discovered inferior oblique muscle (ocular VEMP). Do not remain there for too long without giving your ears a rest. They even talk about it terms of “early stages” or “latter stages” of the degenrative state of a Meniere’s patient. In addition, women seem to be slightly more likely to suffer from Meniere’s disease than men with a 1.3:1 preponderance. Signs of vagal disturbance, such as pallor and sweating, may occur, but loss of consciousness is not a feature. get my spells few and far between…but when they hit, look out!

Articles looking at the aetiology and pathogenesis of Meniere’s disease and new forms of treatment are, however, of greater interest and I examined such papers more closely. Cold sores are also known as fever blisters, but they’re actually caused by the herpes virus. When I woke up the next day, my right ear felt completely plugged. Latency data for individual ganglia, compared with those from previous studies, allow us to rationalize differences between the effects of nucleosides on the establishment of latency in different anatomical sites and when tissues are evaluated using different techniques. My brain fog has cleared, I am able to think clearly again, in short you have through your regimen, given me back my life prior to MM. As you may remember HSV-1 is a very common virus and causes cold sores.

My ENT put me on Triamterene-HCTZ but it didn’t really seem to do anything. The main hurdle will probably always getting a Meniere’s sufferer to understand that it is so much easier to do something than to watch the disease. The goal of treatment is trying not to make the patient worse than this natural course of disease. Without our ability to hear a full range of sounds all great classical music is meaningless. 2. HereÂ’s a script for a betahistine (Serc), diazepam (Valium), prochlorperazine (Stemetil) and indapamide (Natrilix SR).

It doesn’t sell anythng it just tells you how to apply the bitters to different illnesses. It sounds far-fetched, but low pressure systems seem to put lots of pressure on the ears. Guilhou JJ, Fevrier F, Debure C, et al. I’ve also became more aware of certain types of food along with stress levels and the barometric pressure outside. So to try and make up for this, I have a yet another plan. the breath drives the body’s energy flow through the energy meridians.

An elevated level of specific anti-measles virus IgG in the perilymph was detected in patients with otosclerosis. The symptom consists of heartburn, sorethroat and hoarseness of voice [15]. Again, the regiment may be effective regardless, but obviously once you experience the severity of Meniere’s symptoms, I think it makes sense to be extra careful. Small dizzy spells off and on. If there are such people who do not experience CFS symptoms but have meniere’s, I guess I need to talk to the doc about CFS. Joe had several stressors in his life that he attributed to compromising his immune system and making his body vulnerable to Meniere’s attacks.

I mention this because it is very easy to get snookered into seeing correlations between things that are entirely spurious and reveal nothing regarding the cause of the condition of interest, such as autism. This is not the same as the common childhood middle ear infection. In Meniere’s disease, fluid builds up in the inner ear causing hearing loss as well as vertigo and ringing in the ears. Also, the difference of the sensitivity of H2O2-treated LCLs to ATP might relate to prognosis and treatment of MD. Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) was performed with nested primer sets specific for viral genomic DNA of HSV1, HSV2 and VZV in biopsies of the ganglion scarpae of patients with MD who underwent vestibular neurectomy.