30 Years In, We Are Still Learning From AIDS

I was at work when the doctor called to tell me, over the phone, that I’d tested positive. Volcanoes! In fact, the press should be given credit for the way in which these public health threats were contained. This further highlights how the currently available assays targeting single antigens are likely not optimally sensitive for detecting infection. Sex, one of the areas of life most laden with taboos, myths, and rules in every society, had historically been governed by traditional cultural authorities—religion, folklore, literature, law. I loved the dreamlike and mythic qualities of those novels and the way they convey something of the mystery and grandeur of sex.

Primates (especially newborn and baby chimpanzees) are the most favored lab animals because they are similar biochemically and immunologically to human beings. But we knew we were scared. What are the odds of someone having herpes or genital warts and being asymptomatic? We thought it would be very useful for students to see that you can’t always predict exactly what you’re going to be doing in fifteen years, and they need to prepare for that eventuality,” he said. HIV has a comparatively low risk of transmission: HIV is much less infectious than hepatitis C (HCV) which in turn is much less infectious than hepatitis B (HBV). Chi-square tests for differences in proportions were the primary statistical test used, with a two-tailed P < 0.05 as the significance level.
Interestingly,vCyclin has also been shown to induce apoptosis in cells with highlevels of endogenous CDK616. But 1976 was also a year of harbingers of bad things to come. Since homosexuality is almost surely as old as humanity and is present in almost every society, the unusually high incidence of syphilis among homosexual men today cannot be ascribed to homosexuality per se but to significant changes in homosexual behavior in the recent pasts. Thanks for all the fabulous ideas. Nevertheless, HIV continues to be a significant public health issue. Sex education advocates forecast doom as programs preaching abstinence-until-marriage proliferate with the prod of greatly expanded federal funding under the Bush administration.

Why did the KS virus and HIV suddenly appear together in young gay men in 1979? Main results: We included nine trials (plus one study that was a subanalysis) for quantitative assessment. For a while, to the extent the epidemic was considered at all, it was considered an affliction of “them” — the queers, the junkies, the immigrants, those people we don’t like to think about or talk about. The only medication the men received was aspirin. Because men in the vaccine-recipient  group and the placebo group were now both inoculated with the vaccine, it would no longer be possible to compare the two groups in terms of future HIV rates. For example, changes in sexual behavior may differentially affect infection with each organism; rates of gonorrheal infection might be artificially lower than those of syphilis because gonorrhea patients might be more likely to self-treat or to see practitioners who tend to underreport; and rates of detection of syphilis might be higher simply because more tests for it are performed (e.g., tests for syphilis are required before marriage in China).

Patients and study design.Two cohorts of HIV-1+ patients were recruited from the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital following informed consent and local ethical approval. True, there were a few health reporters around the country who covered the story in the early 1980s (I remember some fine reporting by Laurie Garrett on National Public Radio, for instance), but AIDS remained a relatively unexplored issue. But why they cause so few cases among the estimated 35 million soft lens users in this country is a mystery. Could the bio-engineering of dangerous viruses that preceded the “gay plague” be responsible for the origin of AIDS? I’ve been really nauseous occasionally and ended up having to go to the ER because of it. Although very few children under 3 years of age had been vaccinated, over 80% of the population above 4 years of age had BCG scars, consistent with field reports that the majority of the population had been vaccinated approximately 3 years before the present study.

301 (13): 1358–66. All other mammals are refractory to the virus. Smaller number of personal letters from 1983-87 including three snapshots of Fain performing in a drag show.